Create your community

Your community's place to connect.

Aurdia is a social networking platform for connecting community members of content creators.

Create a community page for your brand and setup discussion boards for organizing the discussion amongst your following.

Community members gain clout through their engagement increasing their notoriety within the community.

Community profile

Create a homepage for your community. Link all of your social media handles and configure your monetization settings to set up a landing page for onboarding new users into your community.

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Membership Benefits
  • Exclusive membership badges
  • Custom username colors
  • Ability to bump posts
$5.45 / Month

Monetize from your community

Take back your creative control by having your community support you directly. Move away from your reliance on advertisements.

  • Monthly membership plans
  • Gifted memberships
  • Members only community access
  • Members only message boards
  • Community donations
  • Boosted posts
    and post comments

Manage your following

Assign users different roles
to help you manage and
moderate your community

Add user role

Manage reported content and deal with bad actors through moderation tooling

Create read only discussion boards that only admins can post into

Community features

Customizable discussion boards

Create threaded discussion boards for organizing discussion around the different topics within your community. Posts appear in search engine search results.

Synchronized YouTube and Vimeo player

Create a playlist of videos for your community to watch. Our player synchronizes the playback so that your members watch the same video at the same time.

Real-time chatrooms

Setup chatrooms for your community to communicate directly in real-time.