[Review] Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers (album)
5 months ago

Been a long time Kendrick fan and I consider him to be one of the all time greats. Was ecstatic to finally give this a listen after not hearing anything new from him in so long. The album is deep. Lyrically Kendrick is great on this. From an artistic perspective this album is also quite dense. It often feels like listening in on one of his therapy sessions. Unfortunately, with that all said, I still think the album fell a bit short, especially when compared to the rest of his discography. I’d consider this to be his worst release to date as I just don't feel like there is a ton of replay value. A lot of the songs are just plain hard to listen to and require skips. The beats, and artistic nature of a lot of the songs just don't lend that well to something you want to put on repeat in your playlist.

With that said, my favourite songs are:

  1. “N95”
    • This one is the undisputed banged on the album to me. Solid track all around that I will probably be listening to for a while.
  2. “Silent Hill”
    • This one had the potential to be my favourite on the whole album, however the chorus completely ruins the song for me to the point where I don’t even have it on my playlist.
  3. “Purple Hearts”
    • Love seeing Ghostface make an appearance on the album. Ghostdini vibes with this one.

Curious of other peoples thoughts?

Verdict: (5.5/10)



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5 months ago

I feel like this album is definitely more of an artistic piece. N95 is sick though

5 months ago

Here's a question. If this album wasn't made by Kendrick, would you still hold it to the same regard?